Vidhya Ashram Public School

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Founder Secretary & CMD

I have a big aim to help those people who are an inhabitant of villages and not enough rich to educate their children in big cities and high fees structure schools. My aim to develop each and every child in a specific way that means every individual has a unique signature strength and will play a vital role in society. I want to nurture and empower each child with his/her unique signature strength so that he/she can play a big role in our society and make a useful individual for mankind and as well as our country. My personal focus on the all-round development of every child through the Best Quality Education and Sports Activities as well as other activities in which a child can nurture his/her best potential and talent. I want to cultivate leaders in the field of Science, Technology, Health, Education, Sports and other needed field of our country so that they can lead our country in the best way in the world and can make India Vishva Guru & Golden Sparrow Again. I focus on Quality and Deep-rooted Sanskar (Ethical Values) to build in our new generation so that they can expand their high potential and talent for the welfare of our Country. I aim to give all kinds of facilities and Security to our children so they can feel a homely environment. I committed to the children for my best Motivation, Guidance, and help whenever they feel my need. My personal effort to Cultivate and nurture more and more Kalpana Chawla for India. For that, I want to help more and more to girl children so that they can lead India in the world as Kalpana Chawla did. Best of Luck to all our Daughters.

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